All webinars from Avetmess have been exceptional. To be able to ask questions live is of great value.

Happy I participated in the seminar. 🙂

Compliance Manager, Private RTO

Very quick to answer questions and explain these in detail for everyone to understand both new and current contract holders. I really enjoyed the webinar, good hosts and informative.

Veronica Quirk - General Manager Intercare Training

Great information and good questions at the end. Very timely!

Simon – Administration Manager

Lots of information but presented in a simple format so easy to follow - good stuff, keep it up 🙂

Nerolie Pottinger

Webinar was overall informative and easy to follow.

Thank you for the webinar, it was great and being available to access after is beneficial too.

Aliesha – Firewatch Safety Results Group

It was a nice webinar & what I like the most is, it was an open platform to interact and ask your questions and doubts after very slide or topic covered.

Shivani – National Administration Manager

The process to register was easy and the information delivered was basic enough for everyone to understand.

Feedback from Allison – RTO Specialist

Great information, very engaging presenters

Chalatice – Think Aesthetics

I was totally engaged during the webinar which is a refreshing change! Marie has great knowledge and clarity. 10/10

Compliance Manager

Thank you, Marie and Nick. It's been a really informative session and appreciate your work in getting the details out to us.

RTO Manager