Transitioning to Revised Training Packages - 16th October




Suitable for: All current RTOs (Trainers, Training Coordinators, Training Managers, Compliance Officers, Compliance Managers, RTO Managers), and those interested in applying to become an RTO.

Date and Time: 16th October, 2019. 3pm Melbourne Time


Does your RTO have qualifications on scope from training packages that are coming up for transformation? This webinar is for you!

Skills Service Organisations, or SSO’s (formerly known as Industry Skills Councils) develop training packages when an industry identifies a specific need for training. SSOs develop and validate these training packages through research and consultation with industry stakeholders. Training packages are then endorsed by the Australian Government and state and territory governments for use in Australia.

Every so often training packages are either updated, or replaced. Some packages are/have been reviewed more frequently than others (such as Community Services, Business Services, Travel/Tourism and Hospitality etc).

By now you will probably be thinking ‘the training packages my RTO delivers are updated way too often! please… not again, we only just got through the last change!’, or ‘the training packages my RTO delivers are so out of date - the industry is so different now!!’

Packages are usually updated every 4-5 years, but they can happen in as little as 1 year.

When packages are updated or replaced an RTO is obligated to ensure that they either:

  1. Complete/finalise any students that are currently studying in the old package within 12 months (usually); or (where this is not possible)
  2. Transition the students that are currently studying in the old package to the newest version of the training package within 12 months (usually).

Join the AVETMESS team in breaking down transitioning to revised training products to ensure that your RTO meet the requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisation 2015.

Keys points:

  • Equivalence and non-equivalence when a product is superseded
  • Teach out and transition periods (including approved transition arrangements)
  • What your RTO needs to do to manage the process