The Trainer Matrix: Getting it right! 29th August




Suitable for: All current RTOs (Trainers, Training Coordinators, Training Managers, Compliance Officers, Compliance Managers, RTO Managers) and those interested in applying to become an RTO

Date and Time: 29th August 2019, 3pm Melbourne time.


All RTOs are required to demonstrate that they employ skilled Trainers and Assessors. They need to be able to demonstrate that all Trainers and Assessors hold the formal training and assessment qualifications required to deliver training, and that they have the required knowledge, skills and competencies that relate to the qualifications they deliver and/or assess.

So how do we evidence this at audit...? You will typically use a Trainer/Assessor matrix (also known as a Profile).

Did you know that one of the most common audit non-compliances (both regulator and state funding body audits) actually relates to the inadequate demonstration of having skilled Trainers & Assessors?

At this point you are probably thinking – ‘How hard is it to get that right…. our trainers are amazing at what they do!’ or you may also be thinking ‘It’s so damn hard to get trainers to update their matrix! They never want to do it as it’s such a big job!’.

Many RTOs (Trainers/Assessors) don’t include enough detail in their matrix about specific work experiences, or they do not record their industry/vocational education and training (VET) currency correctly.

Join the AVETMESS team with an in-depth discussion about Trainer matrices – our experts will give you some tips on getting it right!

You will also receive a free Trainer Matrix template with this webinar!

Keys points:

  • Demonstrating vocational competence
  • Demonstrating industry and VET currency
  • How to map skills and knowledge (including when a unit isn’t held)