Razzle Dazzle in the Training Room - August 29


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29th August, 1pm Melbourne Tim

Presented by Kerry Buttery with your host Nick McEwan-Hall

Suitable for all RTO's

This webinar is all about how to make technology work for you and your students.

More and more of our students are coming to us from Generation Y or Generation C (the ‘Connected Generation’). As a generalization, these generations are addicted to screens and how technology impacts their lives on a daily basis. What does this mean for us as trainers? It means we need to adapt our training methods to cater for the learning styles of our students, which is becoming more and more reliant on technology. Also, workplaces are becoming more and more reliant on technology and we need to make sure we are equipping our students with transferrable skills to adapt to technology in the workplace.

In this webinar you'll:

  • Learn about exciting online tools that will engage your learners
  • See demos and walk-throughs of live tools
  • Consider how students of different generations learn
  • Brainstorm with other participants about how to implement the tools presented
  • Explore a review checklist used for evaluating the appropriateness of tools

This webinar is a thought-provoker – we look at online tools that can be used in both face-to-face training and online courses. You will be presented with a range of current technology options to start the creative juices flowing along with some ideas on how to incorporate these into your training room or workplace simulation.

Be warned – there are so many tools out there that can be used, this may be the start of your exciting journey down the rabbit hole!

Key questions that will be answered in this webinar:

  • What tools are available for me to use in the training room?
  • How can these be implemented?
  • What do I need to think about when choosing a tool?