Quality Indicator Data: What can we do with it? - June 12


12th June 2019, 2pm Melbourne Time

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12th June, 4pm Melbourne Time.

Presented by Kerri Buttery with your host Nick McEwan-Hall

Suitable for: All RTO's

Ever wonder why you have to collect Quality Indicator data each year?

Distributing the same surveys to learners and employers only to have a quick squiz, write up your report for ASQA and then move on?

Wish you could get something more useful out of the information?

This webinar will explain the purpose of Quality Indicator Data beyond meeting a compliance requirement and look at resources that you can use to enhance how you look at, and use, the information for both compliance and continuous improvement. We will also discuss ways of supplementing the data to ensure you have the information you need and how to increase your student uptake of survey participation.


Key questions that will be answered in this webinar :

  • Why do I need to do these surveys every year?
  • How do I get students and employers to participate in the survey?
  • How can my Quality Indicator Data contribute to my overall compliance?
  • How can I use my Quality Indicator Data to improve business practices?


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