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An Online Learning Bootcamp not to miss!

In the current global environment due to COVID-19 we all need to rapidly move delivery of training sessions to an online environment. For many who have not delivered training in this way before this can be daunting for a number of reasons. Some haven’t used the technology before, some aren’t sure where to start, and some are worried about how to keep their learners engaged.

It is important to remember that online learning involves much more than recording a few videos and jumping online to talk to your students. We do need to adopt a staged approach where this may be the best way to respond initially, however we are looking at moving in this direction for quite some time and many may choose to continue to provide learning online.

For this reason, it is important to understand the fundamentals of online learning, which is exactly what this bootcamp aims to provide you with! These sessions will be spaced out over 3 weeks and numbers will be limited to allow for interaction with the facilitator. Templates and resources will also be provided to assist with the transition from face-to-face to online learning.


7 April 2pm | Session 1
9 April 2pm | Session 2
14 April 2pm | Session 3
17 April 2pm | Session 4
21 April 2 pm | Session 5
24 April 2 pm | Session 6

All times shown in AEST (Qld Time)


$199 AUD (including GST) Your registration includes all 6 sessions, access to recordings and supporting resources.


Session Overviews

Session 1 - Introduction to Delivering Online Learning

This first bootcamp session will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of online learning to begin the journey. It will model activities that can be used with learners online and explore how this can be approached. It will also address the common difficulty associated with online learning of rapport with learners.

  • Introduction & ice breakers
  • Social learning platform
  • Channels of online learning
  • Roles in the online learning environment
  • The concepts of rapport and trust

Session 2 - Online Teaching Toolbox

Where do we start? There are so many tools that can be used by trainers to deliver online training. You may already have a Learning Management System (LMS) but want to be able to incorporate other tools as well by integrating into your LMS or running standalone. There are a number of areas that need to be considered to decide whether a tool will work for your training.

  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous activities
  • Interaction vs Interactivity
  • Trainers Technology Toolbox
  • Virtual rooms activity exploring tools

Session 3 - Planning for Online Learning

Using the information presented in previous sessions, we now move into the design of content for live sessions and pre-loaded online content.

  • Design of course content considering the tools available
  • Further exploration of interaction v interactivity
  • Mapping out course outcomes and content possibilities
  • Identifying courses that will align to different opportunities
  • Participant interaction map

Session 4 - Designing the Learning Activities

Using the information presented in previous sessions, we now move into the design of content for live sessions and pre-loaded online content.

  • Storyboarding
  • Designing interaction for webinars
  • Designing activities for breakout rooms
  • Designing asynchronous discussion posts
  • Responding to online communications

Session 5 - Visual Design Principles for Online Learning

The way information is visually presented during training sessions is always important. However, this is even more important to retain the learner’s attention when they have so many distractions around them. Visual design also impacts how information is interpreted and retained.

  • Visual design principles
  • Applying design principles to slides
  • Tools for enhancing slides
  • Considerations of what to avoid
  • Alternatives to slides for presenting information

Session 6 - Delivering Online Training

Everything has been planned and designed, you’ve launched your static materials to your learners and now it is time for a live training session. This session will take you through the planning and delivery of the live session to help make sure it runs smoothly.

  • Communication protocols
  • Preparation and practice
  • Roles of people involved
  • Troubleshooting & contingencies
  • Encouraging participation

Your Presenter - Kerri Buttery

Kerri has worked in the Australian education sector for more than two decades. She has always had a passion for the use of technology in training and has completed university studies in education, information technology and eLearning.

Kerri is the founder of VETNexus, which is an organisation that provides consulting services in the creation and adoption of eLearning strategies. Kerri also regularly delivers professional development webinars to participants and has been doing this for almost a decade.

After registration, we will pass your details to VetNexus, who will be hosting this bootcamp webinar series.

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