March 10, 1-2pm: The ASQA Annual Declaration on Compliance


Thursday 10th March, 1-2pm Melbourne Time



Thursday 10th March, 1-2pm Melbourne Time


If you are a CEO of an RTO, and assume your business is compliant, then think again! It is not enough for CEO’s to just assume that all staff understand the regulations and are doing everything ‘above board’.

CEO’s are responsible, and in some contexts are personally liable, to ensure that regulatory processes are in place and quality training occurs in line with the VET Quality Framework.

If you’re ‘a little fuzzy’ on the regulatory requirements, or how your processes meet these requirements, this webinar will point out the areas being focused on by ASQA.

We will cover the process to complete your Annual Declaration on Compliance, and what to do if you identify non-compliance in this process.


Key Points:

  • What is the declaration and what does it mean?
  • How to complete the declaration
  • What evidence should be retained
  • The legalities of completing the declaration
  • What to do if you discover non-compliance


Who is this webinar suitable for?

  • The Chief Executive of your RTO - this is your CEO or PEO
  • Senior staff with executive responsibility (Executive Officers and High Managerial Agents)
  • General Managers
  • Training Managers
  • Compliance Managers


Why is it important to attend this webinar?

  1. Annual Declarations on Compliance are due on the 30th of March - be ready for it in advance
  2. Ignorance is no defense - you need to know what’s going on at your RTO to properly complete this declaration
  3. To better understand your obligations as the Chief Executive