Managing the employee ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic


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Managing the employee ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic

Tuesday 24th March, 11am Melbourne time


In the highly unsettled economy as a result of the Corona Virus it is important for employers to understand some potential risks around changing or terminating arrangements with contractors. Particularly if those who contract for you are not being treated as arms length contractors and may be legally classified as employees.

This webinar will inform you of some potential risks and give you an idea of what you may need to do prior to making any changes.

Obviously at this time many businesses will be looking at ways to reduce business overheads. Smart operations will also be focusing the longer term and how to set yourself up to return to full operations when the virus emergency reduces. With this in mind we will also open the discussion as to how best to maintain your relationships with your key personal and what you need to do to be ready for capatalising on the return to business.


Your Presenter - Sue Eaves

This webinar is being facilitated by Sue Eaves. Sue is an experience HR, IR and Change Management Professional who has spent the past 18 years consulting to business of all sizes on matters regarding their staff and people strategy both in times of growth and during business down turn. Sue has a Graduate Diploma in Management and a Graduate Diploma in Labour Relations Law. Sue also has a focus on human behaviour and how the need to understand your team and their drivers directly relates to successful outcomes during periods of change. Her key belief is if you show respect to your team they in turn will show respect to your business.

This webinar is not legal advise. It is purely to provide general information of potential risks that may exist. If you, or your business require legal advise you should contact an appropriately qualified practicing Industrial Relations Lawyer.