Feb 27: Everything you need to know about the Skills First contract


Date: 27th February

Time: 1pm Melbourne time

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Date: 27th February

Time: 1pm Melbourne time

This year has begun with a flying start! For many RTO’s the traditional “quiet time” over January and February is a myth, and there is little time to reflect and make sure you’re doing everything to meet the contractual requirements.

So take an hour out and sit in on this webinar to refresh your memory on the key aspects of the Skills First Contract.

We’ll cover the top 7 contract clauses you need to be aware of in the contract, to ensure your continued compliance, as well as give an overview of the most common compliance mistakes we see when assisting RTO’s.

This webinar will remind you of the changes that have occurred and provide you with plenty of opportunity to discuss any issues that you might have. As a collective, we can work together to ensure that the burden of compliance is shared, and good ideas to support our industry.

Key Points:

  • What you need to know about the contract
  • What policies, procedures and forms you need in place
  • We’ll give an overview of the contract compliance framework and auditing process
  • The top 7 contract clauses to pay attention to
  • The most common compliance issues we see when working with RTO’s

Who should attend this webinar?

  • This webinar is perfect for people who are new to working with the contract, or for those looking to brush up on this years changes
  • Trainers wanting to understand the rationale for evidence requirements

Why is it important to attend this webinar?

  1. Maximise efficiency of processes - stop doubling up your efforts
  2. Minimise stress when audits/reviews occur - feel prepared for an audit
  3. Multi-skilling a range of staff to understand rational behind compliance policies and procedures sets your RTO up for success
  4. Seeing the contract through a fresh pair of eyes - let us show you what we think is important

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