Preparing your Program Delivery Plans (PDP’s)


Date: 1st October

Time: 10am Melbourne time



Date: 1st October 2020

Time: 10am Melbourne time


Program Delivery Plans (PDP’s) are submitted to the Department by Training Providers for the purpose of providing important information that assists in further improving the training system in Victoria, including the type of training to be provided, and how it will be delivered.

PDP’s are the basis on which the Department determines contract allocations and qualification allocations, along with the previous history of the RTO.

Getting your PDP’s correct is imperative!! In this webinar, we will break down the PDP process including:

  1. Creating a PDP from scratch, aligned to a specific training program
  2. What to include, and what NOT to include in your PDP’s
  3. Commencement forecasting
  4. How to describe alignment to the Objectives for the VET Sector in Victoria and providing evidence of industry linkages
  5. Calculating delivery mode percentages in mixed delivery programs
  6. Calculating duration and intensity correctly

Key Points:

Understanding of:

  • Enrolment modelling/forecasting
  • Delivery locations
  • Delivery modes
  • Jobs and Training Needs Reports

Who is this webinar suitable for?

  • All operational staff involved in the preparation of Expression of Interest

Why is it important to attend this webinar?

  1. PDP’s determine the contract allocations, this can affect income if you don’t get the allocations you need!
  2. It is not a simple process to gain additional allocations post determination if errors are made.
  3. To gain a better understanding of why industry linkages are so important