Apr 16: Skills First Internal Audits


Date: 16th April Time: 1pm Melbourne time

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Date: 16th April

Time: 1pm Melbourne time


The Skills First Internal Audit is a great way to see where the Department’s focus is, in regards to the 2020 contract. It provides a great opportunity to review your RTO’s current processes in contrast to your RTO policies and procedures. Often, practice and policy are quite different. And, it’s better to find this out now, rather than during an external audit.

Are you ready to undertake the 2020 internal audit? Changes have been made to the tool from last year. Do you know what the changes to the sections mean?

This webinar will cover each of the parts of the 2020 Internal Audit Checklist, including:

  1. How to make findings appropriately usings the ‘Audit Elements for Consideration’ and the contract clauses
  2. The best method to describe your findings - putting your auditor hat on, rather than your employee hat!
  3. Common areas of non-compliance that we see with RTO’s each year and how to mitigate them
  4. How to build a rectification plan if/when you identify non-compliance, including:
    1. Describing findings
    2. Determining the root cause
    3. How to create improvement measures
    4. How to determine suitable timeframes to fix the non-compliance
    5. How to create a long term plan to prevent future non-compliance in the same area

Key Points:

  • Who needs to complete the internal audit?
  • What tools do I need?
  • How long will it take?
  • What are the key points to watch out for?
  • What do I do with it once completed?

Who is this webinar suitable for?

  • Administrative staff
  • Operations Managers
  • Compliance staff

Why is it important to attend this webinar?

  1. Minimise any surprises at audit by checking that your practices reflect policies
  2. Allows fresh eyes to view practice
  3. Owning any non-compliance identified, and improving!