2023 End of Year Data - Skills First


Monday November 27, 1 - 2pm Melbourne Time

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Monday November 27, 1 - 2pm Melbourne Time


Suitable for those RTO's that have a Skills First funding contract in Victoria

Are you ready for end of year? Is your data ready and in good shape?

Preparing for end of year is a marathon, not a sprint – so now is the time to get started.

Remember that a number of warnings are about to change to errors! This webinar walks you through the timeline in preparation for January 15th, and provides assistance in cleaning up your data, so that the administration team can enjoy the Christmas & New Year break as well!


Key points:

  • How do I start to get my data ready for end of year reporting?
  • What needs to be reported?
  • What do these errors and warnings mean?
  • What if I can’t clear errors?
  • What do we do if we are unsure about something?
  • What are the implications if I get late EoP from trainers?


Who should attend this webinar?

  • Administrative Staff
  • Compliance Staff
  • Training Managers
  • CEO’s


Why is end of year reporting so important?

  • Not to miss out on funding you are entitled to!
  • Not to lose commencements from your commencement allocation in the next collection year unnecessarily
  • Assists you in meeting the data provision requirements within the VET Quality Framework
  • Completion of EOY reporting is a part of the Annual Declaration on Compliance that is completed each year
  • Not to miss out on funding you are entitled to!