Your Webinar Resources

Your Mental Health First Aid webinar is coming up, so it's time to download the below resources to have ready. We'll be referring to these on the webinars, so make sure you have them accessible during the sessions, digitally or printed.


Webinar Zoom Links

Your zoom links will be sent to you close to your webinar dates.

I’ll be online about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time, and I strongly encourage you to do the same. Doing this will allow time for any technical issues you may have when joining the Zoom Meeting.

The webinars will start on time, and once they have, I won’t be able to help you with questions about how to join the session.


Self Care Workbook - click to download

We’ll make use of this on the webinar, but feel free to take a quick look at it and think about how you do self care.


Distress Protocol - click to download

Take a moment to read through the participant distress protocol.

The course can occasionally cause upset to some participants, stemming from the nature of the content.

It’s best to do your MHFA course when you are feeling well, but even someone who is feeling great might be upset by thinking about some of these difficult topics.

The good news is that this doesn’t happen very often 🙂

The Distress Protocol gives some tips and also information about how to raise any distress with your facilitator.


ALGEE scenario worksheet - click to download

Print a few of these out to have with you during the webinar. We’ll be going through ALGEE together and they are useful to help you apply the skills you have learnt.


Practice Conversations & Alex Scenario - click to download

Save these or print them out and have them with you during the webinars.


Practice Conversations - Tim and Jason - click to download

Save these or print them out and have them with you during the webinars.


Additional Resources - click to download

This document contains some handy phone numbers, websites etc that you may wish to have on hand in the workplace, for easy reference.


MHFA Manual – Hardcopy

If you’d like a hardcopy of the manual sent to you, this can be arranged for $9.90 per manual to cover the cost of postage. Click here to purchase your postage:

One manual per person.


Remember – Elearning

Remember, your elearning must be completed before you attend the first webinar. Unfortunately if this is not done, you’ll need to arrange attendance at another set of webinar dates, and a webinar rescheduling fee of $66 may apply.


I’m looking forward to seeing you on the webinars, and in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or on 0410 582 747 with any questions.

Cheers! Nick