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Being part of AVETMESS is being part of a community of fellow VET professionals. We share knowledge, tips and insights and help each other navigate life in VET.
Through our webinars, we help you stay compliant - whether it's data management or compliance with the standards.
And, we offer free coaching and advice to all our webinar attendees, because we want to make sure you can apply what you learn and make a difference in your RTO. Good huh? 🙂

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Join the Skills First Support Network

If you have a Skills First contract for funding in Victoria, then the Skills First Support Network is for you.

The Network is here to provide you with 24/7 support from Skills First Experts who will help you stay up to date and compliant with everything skills first.

With fortnightly skill share sessions, 24/7 access to Skills First experts, access to a private facebook group, 30% off AVETMESS webinars and more benefits, joining the network will make managing your Skills First contract a breeze.

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Why not join a webinar?

An hour jam-packed with information and heaps of time for you to ask our experts your questions. And, we offer free coaching to help you embed your learning. Learn More...

Mental Health First Aid for VET

With 1 in 5 Australians experiencing a mental health problem every year, it's essential that we build our skills in mental health.

And for us in VET, that means that if we have a classroom of 20 students, 4 of them are affected. The chances are high that you're already working with someone with a mental health problem. 

The Mental Health First Aid course is an evidence based program designed to build your skills in mental health, whilst also showing you how to respond when someone is experiencing a mental health problem.

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  • All webinars from Avetmess have been exceptional. To be able to ask questions live is of great value.

    Happy I participated in the seminar. 🙂

    Compliance Manager, Private RTO
  • Very quick to answer questions and explain these in detail for everyone to understand both new and current contract holders. I really enjoyed the webinar, good hosts and informative.

    Veronica Quirk - General Manager Intercare Training
  • Great information and good questions at the end. Very timely!

    Simon – Administration Manager
  • Lots of information but presented in a simple format so easy to follow - good stuff, keep it up 🙂

    Nerolie Pottinger
  • Webinar was overall informative and easy to follow.

    Thank you for the webinar, it was great and being available to access after is beneficial too.

    Aliesha – Firewatch Safety Results Group
  • It was a nice webinar & what I like the most is, it was an open platform to interact and ask your questions and doubts after very slide or topic covered.

    Shivani – National Administration Manager
  • The process to register was easy and the information delivered was basic enough for everyone to understand.

    Feedback from Allison – RTO Specialist
  • Great information, very engaging presenters

    Chalatice – Think Aesthetics
  • I was totally engaged during the webinar which is a refreshing change! Marie has great knowledge and clarity. 10/10

    Compliance Manager
  • Thank you, Marie and Nick. It's been a really informative session and appreciate your work in getting the details out to us.

    RTO Manager

Are you looking for a VET consultant?

We can help. We’ll work with you to solve your compliance problems, whether it’s Skills First funding, or something else.


Do you need help with Skills First funding?

If you have a Skills First contract for funding in Victoria, AVETMESS can help.

We’re experts in the Skills First funding contract, and have a range of webinars and consulting services designed especially for you.



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