AVETMESS is a series of webinars that will help you ensure your RTO's data is managed in an efficient and effective way,
as well as keeping you abreast of changes to funding contracts across the country, reducing errors and supporting your efforts
of being fully compliant.



We're all about making life easier when it comes to AVETMISS data management. We've worked in the VET sector for years, and have seen it all! We have a vision for the future of VET and it includes you.



AVETMESS is a series of webinars designed to help you manage the end of year data in your RTO. We're different though - the more you participate, the more we reward you!



We're a pretty down to earth bunch of people. We think that life in the VET sector is complicated enough, so we offer straightforward assistance and learning (and we have a great sense of humour too!)

TDT Training Australia
Today’s webinar was awesome!!!! Highly informative and it was superb!!!!
Zoe, All Health Training
Absolutely brilliant! I can't believe how high quality this webinar was for the price. Amazing value - I'll be signing up for sure.
Michelle - Customised Training
Thanks again for the session yesterday. We found it very informative and helpful.
Thankyou very much for today's webinar. It was super informative and nice to have a laugh too :)
Very useful information - thankyou!
I was totally engaged during the webinar which is a refreshing change! Marie has great knowledge and clarity. 10/10
Thank you, Marie and Nick. It's been a really informative session and appreciate your work in getting the details out to us.
Who We Are

Nick Mc-Ewan Hall


E: nick@nickm.com.au
T: 0410 582 747

Nick's background in RTO's spans over 14 years. His VET career has mainly focussed on compliance and operations management, and now he is focussed on making sure VET professionals have the right information a their fingertips, when they need it.

Marie Lastname


E: marie@avetmess.com.au

Marie has been involved in the Vocational Education and Training Sector (VET) for over 15 years and worked in the Higher Education Sector for 4 years prior to that. She has strong experience in the development of education programs and policy within a broad range of industries.