We help you stay current, reduce your compliance errors and manage your data.

Being part of AVETMESS is being part of a community of fellow VET professionals. We share knowledge, tips and insights and help each other navigate life in VET.
Through our webinars, we help you stay compliant - whether it's data management or compliance with the standards.
And, we offer free coaching and advice to all our webinar attendees, because we want to make sure you can apply what you learn and make a difference in your RTO. Good huh? 🙂

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An hour jam-packed with information and heaps of time for you to ask our experts your questions. And, we offer free coaching to help you embed your learning. Learn More...

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Mental Health Essentials


Instant access to our 90 minute webinar recording. 

Join us for this one hour webinar where we'll show you the essential mental health skills you need to support your team and clients.

Presented by Nick McEwan-Hall, our Director and Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Here's what some of our hundreds of happy clients have to say about our webinars

Mental Health First Aid for VET

With 1 in 5 Australians experiencing a mental health problem every year, it's essential that we build our skills in mental health.

And for us in VET, that means that if we have a classroom of 20 students, 4 of them are affected. The chances are high that you're already working with someone with a mental health problem. 

The Mental Health First Aid course is an evidence based program designed to build your skills in mental health, whilst also showing you how to respond when someone is experiencing a mental health problem.

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Are you looking for a VET consultant?

We can help. We’ll work with you to solve your compliance problems, whether it’s Skills First funding, or something else.


Do you need help with Skills First funding?

If you have a Skills First contract for funding in Victoria, AVETMESS can help.

We’re experts in the Skills First funding contract, and have a range of webinars and consulting services designed especially for you.



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